Unemitting CO2
to Save the Climate

Because We Have So Much We Must Protect

Because We Have So Much
We Must Protect

Adélie penguins, children, and Monarch butterflies
Adélie penguins and children

Because We Face Devastating Risks

Flooding, drought, and forest fire
Flooding and drought

Our 60-by-'60 Contribution

Unemit will capture at least 60 gigatons of CO2 from the atmosphere by 2060—more than 2% of the total emitted since 1850—and then repeat that feat every decade thereafter. We firmly believe humanity can and will reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions, and ours will be a significant contribution to stopping and then reversing climate change by driving permanent Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) of more than 10% of historical emissions by the end of the century.

Scalable. Swift. Sustainable.

Our Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology has been developed from the ground up to be scalable to gigatons, swift in its path there, and sustainable. It steers clear of bottlenecks by relying on existing supply chains already operating at massive scale, strategically leverages modularity and scale-benefits, and has low-temperature renewable heat as its primary energy input.